Hourly Husband for 100 years

EXTRA HUSBAND: Hourly Husband for 100 years

EXTRA HUSBAND EXTRA HUSBAND - an hourly husband for 100 years. NON-STOP repairs, assembly, disassembly and maintenance in your company, household, house, flat, offices, cottages, chalets or other buildings all over the EU. We repair, assemble and administer your real estate 24 hours a day. Cleaning and maintenance of sink holes and waste pipes. We work with no risk and with a guarantee. THE PINK ELEPHANT is a brand of quality.

Do you need Hourly Husband services? Contact our cleaning company with a non-binding inquiry:
Company: RISS COMPANY s.r.o.
Address: Nadrazni 24, 301 00 Plzen
Hotline: +420 800 66 88 88
Telephone: +420 777 688 058
E-mail: objednavky@extra-sluzby.com


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